A Movement of

Strategically reaching Urban America;

REACH25 is our main focus as we partner with others to transform the environments, education and economics of the toughest and most dangerous cities in America through church planting, community revitalization and raising indigenous leaders.”

 “America’s inner cities didn’t just happen. The Church has been asleep while the enemy sowed bad seeds among the good wheat and we were complicit by our silence and absence in the formation of under resourced communities”

Bishop Walter Harvey

What We Provide To Our Constituents

Connection, Synergy, Leadership, Fathering, Network, Inclusion, representation at General Council and Districts, Communication, Multi-ethnic identity, Fellowship, Encouragement, Instruction, Resources, Empowerment, Platform for Next Generation, etc.

God’s vision of diversity and unity in Revelation 7:9

As with the other ethnic fellowships, the majority of our constituents represent our racial and cultural heritage, which is Black. What we are, does not limit what we do, where we go, or whom we embrace.